How to Create a Blog

  1. Take full advantage of creating a blog
  2. How to make a blog
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Take Full Advantage of Creating a Blog

Setting up a blog is the realization of different possibilities. The Internet is an important means of communication with a lot of people worldwide.  You should just create a free blog to get the feeling of the world spirit. All this contributes to becoming a good wordsmith and even a greater person. By the way, making some money is of equal importance. Here are the highlights for you, who are eager to start your own blog.  There is much information on the net and maybe those instructions differ sometimes. It may seem way confusing, but it’s worth it. So as you can imagine, it might take you a while to create a blog website.

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How to Make a Blog

It’s not just possible, it’s easy. There are plenty of handy tools and services which can let you earn money only having a website. Here you will be given some tips how to set up a blog.

Come up with an appropriate name to make a blog website inviting

Choosing a name have a think about some words which would characterize your blog. For instance, if it is about Italy and its attractions, you can think of such words as Italy, guide, landmarks, destination. What is a special feature of any blog? It’s about your personality, so you can include your name or something.  Just think about some combinations of those words (for example “ItalianDestinations”) and check the best ones in your browser, after that you can choose among all the free names. Some of them can be on sale, so it would be better to look for a free domain name.

  1. Get a hosting and domain provider

Hosting is a “depot” where people store websites. There are many platforms for making a blog: Wix, LiveJournal, Blogger, and others. All of them are free, but you don’t have a website here, only your own page. If you are a beginner and want to save money, you can choose some low-cost providers like GoDaddy, BlueHost and HostGator.

A domain name is the name of your website in English and domain zones such as com,.net,.org. If the desired name is already occupied by someone, try another extension or title.

When you make your own blog and try to figure out which domain zone should be chosen, the first thing to be done is to bring thematic blog and thematic zone in line. Search engines are paying attention to this correspondence in particular.

Free Blogs at No Cost

Here is a review of eight famous platforms for starting a blog for free. If you are not able to buy your own hosting right now, you can choose any suitable platform that is free of charge.

Beginners choose it because of its ease of use. In addition, it also provides many widgets, templates, geo-tags for location-based blogs. Therefore, if you need a universal platform, then the Blogger is a good choice. The platform belongs to Google.


It is a user-friendly blogging platform owned by SUP media that makes it feel like a kind of social network. Here you can create your own blog free, participate in surveys, and communicate with other users along with blogs.


If you’re going to start with a blog and then choose a site, then Weebly is right for you. It offers a wide range of functions, such as video / audio cards, image galleries, drag-and-drop options, slide shows, etc. Weebly is easy to use, suitable for beginners and has a lot of features.

  1. is one of the most popular platform for you to start a blog for free. It was based in 2005. There is a number of amazing free themes, premium and advanced plug-ins for you. However, here we have some drawbacks — a lot of ads in the free version.


It is a great mix of a full-fledged blog and Twitter. This popular portal is great for people who want to send short and frequent content. Here you can post your images with a short message text.


It’s an extremely functional blogging platform that is used by most professional bloggers. TypePad is also a very good thing for a beginner due to its ease of installation and reliability. You are able to export and import content from various other sites. But in terms of themes and other features, TypePad doesn’t give much to satisfy the most basic requirements of a blogger.

So there are various options open to someone who wants to create a blog free. Now you can choose the platform you like.

Online Blog: Tips on the Development

  • Think about the task that your blog should solve. The task will keep you in the right frame. You can measure how effectively your blog page performs the task at each stage or how much you deviated from it.
  • Write articles on useful and relevant topics. Don’t be afraid to express your thoughts. This is precisely what people can value in you. Remember! Sometimes people are closer to you because you are so special “black sheep”.
  • People are attracted to those who are energetic, active and courageous. Before you start blog, get ready to show these qualities. Organize competitions, marathons, take part in such actions from other bloggers. So you meet other representatives of the blogosphere and get new readers. Coming up with entertaining things is good for thriving online blogs. It can be a poll, a survey or sharing interesting and useful resources. It’s up to you!